Frequently Asked Questions.

What are the advantages of Allybacks?

The biggest advantages of an Allyback are weight saving, size gain and ease of loading. As the Allyback dropside is made from aluminium instead of steel as in standard pick up bed, there is a possible saving of around 150kg depending on Pick Up model. This results in a increased fuel economy, and carrying capacity. The fact that Allybacks are flat beds as well, means that storage is increased dramatically, this is due to having no wheel arches on the flat bed leading to more space utilisation.

How is the load capacity affected by an Allyback?

Due to UK Law, the maximum load capacity is the maximum load capacity as stated by the vehicle manufacturer for use on British highways.

Why choose Allybacks over other Dropside pickups

  1. Quality –         Allybacks are manufactured using the highest quality parts.
  2. Durability –    Allyback supplies heavy duty trays only. They are durable and have been built to last in tough Australian conditions.
  3. Design –         Allybacks are designed, engineered and tested in Australia for harsh Australian Conditions.
  4. Economy –     Allybacks are economical and affordable, due to the weight saving over a standard pick up bed.
  5. Range –          Allybacks off a choice of Standard, Heavy Duty, Tipper trays and accessories to suit various needs, styles and budgets.
  6. Service –        Service you can depend on, with efficient delivery.
  7. Experience – With over 30 years in the 4×4 and motor industry we have plenty of experience.
  8. Innovation –  With our own design team and products from Australia, we have many products which are new to the European and UK market.
  9. Leader –         Allybacks are leaders in the provision of aluminium drop side tray backs in the UK and Europe.
  10. Choice –         Allybacks is the manufacturer of choice for custom build and configured tray bodies for tradesman, construction, farriers and the agricultural industry.

What size tray should I have for my pick up?

Please have a look at our recommended tray size for more information.

Can factory standard tubs be removed from my Pick Up?

Yes, normally 6-8 bolts hold on a standard pick up. The removal can be done by yourself, however the tubs are heavy. If you decide that you would like us to fit your new Allyback, the removal of your rear tub will be included in the fitting price. Normally we expect the removal of your old tub to take around 5 hours.

Do you have any dealers who can fit an Allyback for me?

We are currently looking for distributors around the UK and Europe to offer supply and fitting of Allybacks. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a distributor for Allybacks and our accessories.

Can Allybacks organize delivery for trays and accessories?

We can offer delivery for all trays and accessories, please contact us for more information and cost.

How long does it take to supply an Allyback?

We can normally fit delivery around you to reduce stress and hassle.

How long does it take to fit an Allyback dropside back?

We normally like to allow for 5 working days to remove the old tub and fit an Allyback. If needed we can offer a loan car for the duration of the fitting of your new Allyback.

Please contact Jonathan on 07805 862478 or Rob on 07860 451725 if you have any more questions about our Allybacks and Accessories.